Confidence Connection Horsemanship

Confidence Connection Horsemanship is blessed to have several staff members. Here are some of the super stars!


Suellen Mize is the owner/manager of Confidence Connection. She is a retired USAF RN who served 23 years active duty. Suellen has a deep bond with horses. Her methods are those of gentle leadership, focusing on love, language and trust. Offering students the basic knowledge needed to safely interact with her horses, Suellen builds a knowledge base that connects both human and horse. Suellen strives to make the program at Confidence Connection a positive experience for both the student and horse.


Thunder is our buckskin quarter horse. My husband purchased him from a killpen. He is our talker and will tell you all kinds of things! He is funny, mischievous and runs a little on the lazy side. He loves children and lots of attention.


Whiskey would like to welcome you to our program! He is a 12 year old Tennessee walking horse. He is the alpha of herd. Whiskey is strong, dependable and fun!


Sunny is an 8 year old paso fino mare who is a favorite of the participants of confidence connection. Sunny is gentle, affectionate and a willing participant. She has a personality that glows! She can cause mischief with the other horses though! She is Always a source of fun.


Lily is our paint MFT ex rodeo horse. Lily came from a very strenuous background and took some time to get her to understand she wasn't expected to run off at top speed any longer. Lily has settled in nicely, although at times needs reassurance that she is doing a good job. She is intelligent, and takes great pride in working well and helping.


Amara Rose is our foster horse and came to us after being pulled by a rescue from a kill pen. Amara is timid, shy and without a mean bone in her body. She will one day make an excellent child's horse! She is a registered Missouri Fox Trotter. Amara is learning to trust and gaining confidence all the time. She is willing and loves to be groomed!


Princesa Mae is an 11 year old paso fino mare. For most of her life she was misunderstood as she is extremely smart and will not be allowed to be told what to do. She must be asked as a partner! Princesa and I have been together the longest as a team. She came to Oklahoma with me from Texas. Princesa is affectionate and challenging. When she works with you she will make you step up to the plate! She is the smallest of all our staff, but don't underestimate her! She has lots to teach all the participants of confidence connection


Jett is a large paint horse. He is 18 years of age and came to confidence connection from a very sad, abusive, isolated situation. He is the descendant of "Easy Jett" the race horse that is in the Oklahoma hall of fame!

Jett is guarded and lacks trust. At times he is unsocial. We have been helping him come out of his shell and begin to trust. Jett requires lots of interaction with people to regain himself. Beautiful and beginning to feel a sense of belonging, with time he will blossom.


Crusader Aka “Cru” is 17hh BIG boy that is half Oldenburg/Arabian cross. Cru is settling in and despite his size he is a gentle giant. We are looking forward to get to know him better.